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The Problem of the Fourth Gospel

Gospel of John vs the Synoptic Gospels Excerpts from 'The Problem of the Fourth Gospel' Henry Latimer Jackson, Cambridge [Eng.]: University press, 1918 Archive Book Link: https://archive.org/details/problemoffourthg00jack/page/n5/mode/2up Now, where objection is raised, the marked peculiarity of the Fourth Gospel is highly accentuated. It is regarded, not as the record of historical...

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How do Unitarians understand John 1?

There are actually several Unitarian interpretations of the prologue of John. These differences have to do with explaining various abstractions in the prologue, and don’t have a bearing on core Unitarian Theology and Christology.  John 1 cannot be used as a proof text for Trinitarian dogma, since it can be...

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